Another milestone for India’s space programme has been reached

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21st century #India is looking impressive lately as a returning supercivilization. As a general rule in civilisational mechanics, if you keep working on building up your societal temperamental scaffolding [character], you shall rise to new heights. India has some impressive and powerful cultural technologies with which to do this, and it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest to see these sorts of successes as a result. I expect to see many more to come in the years ahead.

After an historic moon landing, yet another milestone for India’s space programme has been reached: ISRO’s maiden solar mission, Aditya- L1, launched successfully from Sriharikota.

Before you starting thinking, “hang on a minute, why are they still taking our money? etc.”

Park your envy to one side and know that it is not “aid”, rather, it is a way of keeping India under “control”…

Rome 2 [plus vassals] are busy collapsing rather than rising. If late-stage lunatics can’t even use the military effectively anymore because they continue to lose all the time, they use money printing as a final method of control. Personally, if Washington is that desperate to dish out hyperinflating money as if still this unipolar hyperpower, I’ll take it thank you and with my rising power, I’ll simply do my own thing anyway.

As for Broken Britain? It begged India to continue taking billions in “aid” whilst having no space programme, never having one, never going to have one, unable to send up even a firework. Who are the mugs here?

As for India’s dynamism? They continue to impress me everyday.

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