Yeah, hunt me down with pitchforks you climate maniacs.

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I’m one of the few weird brains that remains ‘open-minded’ re climate change in conservative circles…

Yeah hunt me down with pitchforks you maniacs. No I’m not Nosferatu either. I’ve said it many times, I suspect that the point whereby Faith & Reason intersects, is Ultimate or Total Reality. I think there’s probably some usefulness in getting an intellectual handle on Ultimate Reality re game of survival. I also harbour this deep suspicion that Science brings us closer to God not further away. One God over Multiple Gods.


Hear me out. This also means that the likes of Richard Dawkins et al, whom I call “Ye O’Enlightened One”, is also wrong when he spends all day bashing religion. The funny thing is, he freely admitted to Piers Morgan in a recent interview, that he doesn’t know much about Sociology (thus civilisational mechanics). To my mind, if you don’t know something, keep your gob shut if you claim to be on the science spectrum, perhaps learn? In contrast, Elon Musk does precisely that which is why he calls himself Agnostic rather than Atheist.

Do we pitchfork Agnostics?

Dawkins is no Einstein, not even close. In my opinion, he’s a poor scientist. My reasoning behind this statement is that Albert Einstein once said, “Most people say that it’s the intellect which makes a great scientist. They’re wrong: it’s character.”


You know my views on character (temperament), science of temperament, its relationship with the rise & fall of entire civilisations. “Historical changes are driven by changes in the prevailing temperament of populations based upon physiological mechanisms that adapt behaviour to changing food conditions (or threats to food conditions)”.

I also know that there are diehards who refuse to even consider the remote possibility that we may be changing the composition of the atmosphere in ways that we’ve yet to fully comprehend.

Equally, there are also those climate change zealots who refuse point-blank to entertain the idea that fossil fuels are absolutely critical to our civilisations, our extremely fragile economies.

What do we think powers our economies?

For one reason or another, possibly given my location, I tend to track one aspect of this ‘climate change’ phenomenon and one leading scientist in particular. A chap called Stefan Rahmstorf. He’s Head of Earth System Analysis @ Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research & professor of Physics of the Oceans @ Potsdam University.

He’s keeping a close eye on something called the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), part of a Global Thermohaline Circulation in the oceans, an integrated component of surface and deep currents in the Atlantic. Northward flow of warm, salty water in the upper layers of the Atlantic, southward flow of colder, deep waters linked by regions of overturning in the Nordic and Labrador Seas and the Southern Ocean.

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The AMOC is a complex system of ocean currents that distribute heat throughout the Atlantic by transporting warmer waters north and cooler waters south. In this way, the AMOC, which is part of a global “conveyor belt,” helps regulate Earth’s climate; and through its impact on climate, the AMOC affects patterns of drought, flooding, disease, and mass migrations. Scientists say an AMOC shutdown may have occurred previously during the transition out of the last ice age about 14,500 years ago.

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