What’s so good about getting into college?

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Since the recent Supreme Court decision striking down affirmative action, the focus has turned, as if to achieve some kind of balance, on “legacy admissions.”

Legacy admissions are when colleges give a preference in admitting the mediocre children of alumni, who might otherwise not make the cut.

The social theory here is that if colleges can no longer give preferences to students of color, they should also not be able to give preferences to children of alumni who are presumed to be Caucasian.

As usual, the public’s focus is on the squirrel and not on the road.

What difference does it make, I ask, what a college’s admissions criteria are, when the quality of what colleges teach is trash?

Your average college graduate these days could not point out the United States on a map of the United States. They cannot name the four main countries that fought in WWII. They don’t know the square root of 100.

They can’t tell you who shot JFK, and certainly not who shot the shooter. They don’t know why people run to escape communist countries.

They believe Israel practices apartheid. And they certainly can’t make an argument for both sides of any controversial issue.

The little they do know, if you can consider it knowledge, is that American society is very oppressive and that there are many victim groups.

They know that their gender can change at will to any of an unlimited spectrum of genders. They also know that there is only one side to every story.

In short, for the most part, college graduates are unemployable.

Which begs the question: what’s so good about getting into college?


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Larry Rogak

Larry Rogak

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