The United States CANNOT Follow Great Britain’s Economic Suicide Plan

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THE UNITED KINGDOM SCORES A SWATHE OF “GLOBAL FIRSTS“ IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CATASTROPHIC CLIMATE CHANGE – As the struggle to save the planet heats up (no pun intended), Britain has amply demonstrated the truth of its oft-repeated boast that it is a “global leader” in delivering on Net Zero. Indeed, it comes second-to-none in at least ten key metrics.

Britain is the very FIRST country in the world to:

1. Commit to Net Zero by 2050 at an estimated cost of £1.4 trillion in full knowledge that it is completely impossible to achieve and, even if it were, would make no impact whatsoever on global emissions.

2. Make the commitment binding in law with no cost-benefit analysis, no implementation plan and zero alternative energy strategy.

3. Impose Net Zero via secondary legislation at the fag-end of Theresa May’s failed, dismal and discredited administration, without public consultation of any sort and just three hours’ vapid debate in Parliament.

4. Persuade half the car-owning population to buy a more expensive “low emission” diesel vehicle in the 1990s only to perform a screeching U-turn in the 2010s when the science turned out to be completely wrong.

5. Be foolish enough not to learn from that costly mistake, and double-down with exactly the same policy approach to far more expensive EVs.

6. Ban the internal combustion engine before a viable, secure and affordable alternative has been identified to replace it.

7. Pluck a completely random date out of the air for the start of the ban in 2030 without any strategic plan to produce more electricity, charging stations or affordable cars to support the only currently available EV alternative.

8. Halt the issuance of new oil and gas exploration licenses in the North Sea in order to import more expensive oil and gas from Norway and the United States.

9. Ban oil and gas boilers in new homes in favour of heat pumps that are less efficient in Britain’s cold climate, much more difficult to install and four times more expensive.

10. Pluck a completely random date out of the air for the start of the ban in 2025 and stick stubbornly to it irrespective of the cost-of-living crisis, patchy supply chain and nationwide shortage of trained plumbers to install them.

As it ploughs bravely ahead with its ambition to achieve Net Zero come what May, we may be confident that in coming years Britain will score a raft of new GLOBAL FIRSTS, not all of them warmly appreciated by the voting public.

Will the last person to leave Britain please switch off the lights?

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