The EV Boondoggle is Killing America!

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Here’s another symptom of the EV boondoggle..,. “Based on the backlog of Hummer orders, it seems beyond impossible that either Chevrolet or GMC will be able to satisfy even a small portion of those orders for a long, long time.”

One might ask why am I so fervent in my opinion of EV’s? My heavy background in marketing and retail sales to consumers is my filter when assessing the current automotive industry. Which always takes into account the rules of capitalism of supplying the demand. I also refer to Jeffrey Moore’s great book ‘Crossing the Chasm’ which illustrates what it takes to be successful in launching a new product/technology.

I just don’t see it, can’t see the profitable path, especially in the United States market for electric vehicle sales being successful, especially in our current economic situation.

This rush-to-market philosophy is forcing capital investment by taxpayers swiping the national debt credit card. Rather than a strategic use of our hundred-plus trillion dollars worth of fossil fuel assets that can actually fund the next technological leap in transportation/energy production.

Instead, we’re actually cutting our noses off to spite our faces. The United States is not like Europe, Great Britain, China, or any other nation in the world. Many of these countries have no or very little fossil fuel assets to tap into that can propel them to make this giant leap. And the ones that do, for example, look at China’s tremendous growth in coal fire plant energy production which dwarfs the rest of the world and it feeds their narrative of wanting electric vehicles.

It’s also a great national defense strategy by China as well removing their need to purchase oil-derived fuels for their nation. And that strategy is directly focused on the destruction of the petrodollar. While also growing BRICS nation’s alliances and the push for a new monetary system.

If the United States intends on staying the leading world power and protector of free markets and free people. Her strategy must change immediately and start listening to the pushback from the average American citizen who instinctively knows that electric vehicle adoption at the level being pushed is unacceptable and dangerous.

And as the saying goes, the decisions we make today will be our life tomorrow. For the American citizen wondering why EV technology is being force-fed to them like spinach to a 7-year-old?

This is due to the fact that the United States has been put on the back burner to what many manufacturers believe is the future of not only the automobile industry but all economic growth. China is leading that pack. It doesn’t seem to matter how many lives have been spent to keep the oppression of communism and fascism from taking over the world.

The enemy has figured out a way to bribe those who should be investing in Western Nations and empowering them so the world can prosper with Liberty. These elitists are treading on thin ice, they are underestimating the power and fight in the Liberty-minded American.

One only has to look north to the Canadian people and see the growing pushback of their current government’s ideology. And let’s not forget about BRICS. BRICS is the precursor to the eventual and looking to be the inevitable clash of the East and West.

Not talking about this does not mean it’s not going to happen, we must not be afraid to see the forest for the trees.

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