Nato is Warned of Reported Incursion at Polish Border

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Reported Incursion Polish Border…

Belarusian combat helicopters are reported to have entered into Polish airspace whilst on maneuvers with Wagner PMC. Took place at low altitude, making it difficult to detect by radar.

Poland’s MoD stated that Belarusians were conducting exercises near the border when two combat choppers flew 3km deep into Polish airspace, after which they returned back across the border.

Polish Foreign Ministry summoned the charge d’affaires of Belarus due to alleged violation of the country’s airspace. NATO has already been informed of the incident. A meeting was called.

According to Reuters, Poland is subsequently reinforcing its border with additional troops given the violation of airspace. It’s also worth remembering that Wagner has set up camp in Belarus, making Poland nervous.

Re Ukraine counteroffensive, Ukrainians want Bakhmut back off the Russians and they stand decent odds from what I’ve seen achieving success.

It’s the weakest sector of the Russian front, it also makes sense that Ukraine would target weak points after months of setbacks. Ukrainian assault brigades pushed deep into the Southern flank of the Russian army and look set to control the contested village of Klischiivka. The Ukrainians do seem to be rolling back months of Russian progress and could soon prepare a siege of Bakhmut.

I recall Wagner boss Prigozhin raging on about Bakhmut etc. I think his brief internal rampage perhaps may have been a reflection of Russian high-command shortfalls. War is a messy business which is why it must be avoided at all costs.

This is possibly why Medvedev warned recently that the nuke threat was still on the table if Russian defences are breached.


Poland puts NATO on alert after Belarus violates airspace – troops scrambled to border

Tensions rise as Belarusian helicopters reportedly cross into Polish airspace during a training exercise.

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