Moral values and justice have been replaced with ‘political correctness’.

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Women cannot be men and men cannot be women. Only men can be men and women can be women. They can be nothing else…

And yet, we live in a collapsing civilisation today whereby females feel that they can be men and males feel that they can be women. You’re not men and you’re not women. You can be a female that turns into a woman, and you can be a male that turns into a man. It requires guidance.

Moral values and justice have been replaced with ‘political correctness’. Family values have been replaced by hedonism.

These are just some of the signals indicating a changing order at civilisational scale is at hand. These problems will likely be rightsized because these are also signals of ‘ethnogenesis’, a de facto hard-fork approaching within the dying order.

Ethnogenesis is a wonderful word, it means “the formation and development of an ethnic group”. This can originate by group self-identification, or by outside identification.

For example, a parallel society is roughly equivalent to a startup society, but the implication is that it could be so much larger in scale. It’s parallel because it stands apart from mainstream as a parallel version, as a fork. It’s not set up in opposition to mainstream on every dimension, but a parallel society is certainly differentiated from the mainstream on its key axis.

There will be no “Ending of History” either no matter how hard one tries. You’re simply accelerating the death of your own order. Death which is destiny. This is the true beauty of reading and rolling with the powerful civilisation cycle.

‘People of God’, ‘People of the State’, and ‘People of The Network’…

People of God and People the Network will combine. In fact, this is what’s starting to happen out there but you’re not really aware of it. People of the State will likely lose the war over People of God and People of the Network, as they gradually figure out how to combine.

The Network will grow and explode into the offline world under a single unifying Commandment. It will be an all-encompassing commandment. It will all hinge upon the nature of the commandment.

Anyway, this is deeper/esoteric writing still in embryonic form and I’m probably communicating with your base-operating system putting it on notice.

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