McDonald’s has secretly erased ESG off its website

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Late-stage Roman corporations know that ESG has become a PR disaster. You might as well say that you’re in decline. It represents little but civilisational decline, mental health problems.

They’re now trying to hide it…

McDonald’s scrubs mentions of “#ESG” from its website. BlackRock’s Larry Fink who sits at the Titanic helm of the world’s largest asset manager, isn’t the only one dropping the highly controversial and damaging acronym (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) principles.

McDonald’s has secretly erased ESG off its website too, according to Bloomberg.

Elon Musk tweeted in June “Why ESG is the devil…”.

For example, a tobacco firm listed on the London Stock Exchange peddling cigarettes which kills over 8 million people annually, was ranked higher in ESG tables than Tesla. Unhinged woke deemed a tobacco firm which kills millions of people on an annual basis as being more “ethical” than EVs. You might not like EVs in general but it’s hard to convince someone still anchored in reality that cancer sticks are more ethical.

McDonald’s knows well that it’s peddling corporate health poison around the world to those unable to control their diet, they’ve also observed the way that ESG winds are shifting, scrubbing references to the term on its “Purpose & Impact” portion of its website. A former page on its website called “ESG Approach & Progress” is now called “Our Approach & Progress.”

If you have ESG in your LinkedIn profile, I’d consider removing it and going to ground. You’re only signalling strategic damage to your company and we will be tracking you.

As late-stage Rome collapses, we will likely see the rise of Woke Rating’s Agencies monitoring just how woke American and British firms are becoming.

We will be digging deeper into your organisation. Your CEOs/CFOs will not be able to hide it. As a general principle, the more woke a firm is, the greater the chances of its decline, which we’ve seen repeatedly.

ESG winds are shifting and it’s not just because of BlackRock and McDonald’s dropping the term, but the number of times “ESG” is also being mentioned in corporate ‘earnings calls’ too, which has also slumped.

We’re carefully monitoring the level of wokeness across your firms. Great for Hedge Funds to arbitrage off like prowling predators. You’ll be buried if you continue to detach from reality.


Read more at Bloomberg:

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