Israel Unveils Sky Sonic: The World’s First Hypersonic Missile Interceptor?

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“Energy is to science, what time is to religion.”

My apocalypse sixth sense is that those civilisations that can fuse the two together, will do more than survive. With that in mind, I30 develops the world’s first hypersonic interceptor + laser defence system:-

Sky Sonic:

A two-stage missile designed to intercept incoming hypersonic threats at elevated heights. Launches by booster insertion releasing first-stage missile, which through a fully-integrated sky picture generated by multiple radar, tracks and targets incoming threat head on, followed by second-stage missile, which creates a blast zone in order to finish it off.

Iron Beam:

Rumoured to be deployed sometime next year. World’s first laser-defence system by air, sea and land. Less than $5 per shot, meaning ‘unlimited’ ammunition. The laser-defence system will likely birth, adapt and evolve out of the chaotic void just as Iron Dome did, in order to deal with waves of long/short range missiles, rockets, drones and yes, hypersonic weapons. Not much can escape speed of light.

Instantaneous, cost-effective, unlimited ammunition.

Remember, the fusion of 👉 energy + time means a more complete understanding of the universe. The West has an incomplete understanding of space, time, energy and matter, which constitutes “the universe”. It’s not only a brain hemisphere imbalance within the West, but also a planetary hemisphere problem, i.e. Western rationalism vs Eastern mysticism.

Fusion probably required

This is probably why Washington’s hellbent determined to continue giving “aid” to Israel. It actually looks more like dirt-cheap investment securing brilliant scientists that Joe Biden’s values could never hope to produce. Perhaps it is time for Israel to loosen strings by reducing the amount of investment it takes off Washington? Late-stage Rome is doing too much interfering in the business of other civilisations.

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