Google’s mass-censorship program begins

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Moscow just notified the United Nations (as is required under its own laws) of its intentions to declare Martial Law across the whole of Russia…

This is the precursor to widespread mobilisation. Martial law has already been declared in the newly occupied buffer regions within Ukraine.

Because Ukraine has failed in its counteroffensive, it’s now targeting mainland Russia. I suspect that Moscow is going to escalate to another level in response to Zelensky’s attacks.

African theatre:

Receiving incoming reports that France has attacked Niger. The revolutionary military in Niger: “Today at 6:00am French fighter jets violated Niger’s airspace and attacked a position of the Nigerien Presidential Guard” (the main body from which the leaders of the coup in Niger emerged).

Middle Eastern theatre:

The stampede to get out of Lebanon begins after Gulf countries called on their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately for “security reasons”. As a result, Beirut Int’l airport is jammed.

Global Internet:

Google’s mass-censorship programme begins potentially signing its own death warrant, but instead of global internet censorship, Google calls it “Fact Check Tools.” Its purpose is to eliminate dissent on any topic that Google selects.


United Nations
World Health Organization

I’m going to hold off calling “dot dot dot” for as long as I can but it’s getting harder not to see things unfolding the way that they are.



New global internet censorship began today

Google’s new global censorship tool was introduced today at 9:10 a.m. via an email press release.

According to LaToya Drake, head of Google News Initiative.


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