DANGER? NOAA believes Solar Storm will hit earth today or tomorrow!

A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) — an explosion on the Sun that is bigger than the Earth itself — is heading our way and will hit us today or tomorrow.

CMEs are full of scary cosmic goodies: electromagnetic radiation and ultraviolet that will cook the planets without an atmosphere. A million tons of charged particles every second.

The Earth’s magnetic field will offer partial protection but enough will get through to seriously disrupt radio and anything electrical — including airplane navigation systems.

The outer layer of the sun near its surface is like a pot of boiling water, with bubbles of hot, electrified gas—electrons and protons in a fourth state of matter known as plasma—circulating up from the interior and bursting out into space. The steady stream of particles blowing away from the sun is known as the solar wind.

Moving at 800,000 to 5 million miles per hour, the solar wind carries a million tons of matter into space every second (that’s the mass of Utah’s Great Salt Lake) and reaches well beyond the solar system’s planets.

For those poor souls with a carbon phobia, here’s something real to worry about.


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Solar Storm to hit earth Aug 5th or 6th 2023


Larry Rogak

Larry Rogak

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