‘Children Were Incinerated To Ash’: Stop laughing Joe it’s not funny

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I feel your pain, “I almost lost my wife, my 67 corvette, my cat.”

—Joe Biden, President of the United States, on the deadliest wildfire in US history

The death toll could turn out to be well over 1,000 citizens in Hawaii. It is America’s deadliest wildfire. Meanwhile, Biden shows up after 13 days then lies about some kitchen fire his wife was in or something, whilst cracking jokes about how hot the ground is etc.

Stop laughing it’s not funny, residents are extremely angry…

Biden flew around in circles above Maui whilst residents were trapped on closed roads for the next several hours missing work. Biden then met with pre-selected “residents” not taking media questions. The smartest, wisest brain across all of America. He’s the best that they could up with during the last elections. Nothing is genuine with these mentally ill politicians, it’s all about optics rather than actually wanting to help.

Zelensky will be getting billions however.



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