Karma Has Bitten The Left Over Their Social and Fiscal Policies

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Things are getting exciting out there as America collapses…

What we can now see (in real-time) is the regression of temperament back to the mean happening, reflected in Federal Gov’t (i.e. Biden Crime Syndicate), NOT stopping at the US border as the mighty Empire itself disintegrates.

Empire is disintegrating in what we Civ. Cyc. Analysts call “Fits and Starts”, i.e. something happening “Intermittently or Sporadically”.

Empire doesn’t collapse smoothly, no on the contrary, it collapses then it senses its collapse attempting to take steps forwards to rectify collapse, then it’s forced to take two steps backwards, then two steps forwards, then suddenly, ten steps backwards.

The trend in the rearview mirror is as clear as day but remember, nothing happens smoothly when we look at a graph in more detail, there are many peaks and troughs.

It also means that Biden and his crime syndicate is a reflection of all this regression of temperament. No one yet has figured out ways to get off this cyclical ride of temperamental sunrise, zenith and sunset, nor short-circuit decline.

This means that the rise and fall of civilisations is based upon “temperament”, defined as the psychological and emotional foundations of personality which underpins our behaviour, virtues, vices, morals, ethics and yes even how we structure the entire economy and choose our governments!

Temperament has a biological basis which changes over time, impacting our culture, shaping our identity right down to our DNA.

Yes, we can even observe epigenetic development and behaviour. For example, early experience from Birth-to-Childhood has a major influence on attitudes and behaviour.

Child Neglect, is an environmental cue which deactivates genes. This then changes cell behaviour and brain activity, meaning you’ll be more susceptible to anxiety and depression as an adult etc.

Care and Attention its antonym, is also an enviro. cue, sending signals that detaches methyl groups thus allowing genes to activate which changes cell behaviour and brain activity, meaning you’ll likely be more confident and relaxed as an adult.

Epigenetics is the ultimate lens with which the rise and fall of civilisation can be best understood. Either that, or the Bible if you’re more on the religious spectrum.

New York’s Mayor is panicking demanding that Federal authorities declare an emergency given events taking place in New York let alone at the Southern border. He first blamed Texas but now he blames Biden. Enormous numbers of illegal migrants are pouring across the border on a daily basis and Americans seem paralysed to stop it. If Americans can’t even defend their own borders, how can they defend others?

Do you see the unarticulated tensions between Republic and Empire, spectacular levels of cognitive dissonance playing out? I never expected decline of America to happen so fast. I thought there’d be more time.


Libs PANIC as Migrant Crisis Costs Blue Cities BILLIONS!!!

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