Bill Maher openly advocates people to forget God

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Religion helps to reveal reality and what’s happened is that by turning away from religion as comedian Bill Maher openly advocates for, civilisation has inevitably gone insane, having lost touch with it.

This is what ‘wokeness’ fundamentally means and why the liberal West is doomed.

It’s also why we can predict an inevitable strategic loss in Ukraine as Western liberal/woke limbics try to get one over Moscow. It’s why we can predict the direction of travel for any corporation that’s self-evidently gone woke.

It’s why we can predict the decline of family, education, media, art and entertainment, government institutions, business in general. Anywhere that ‘woke’ touches, means detachment from reality.

Professor Steve Turley explains how professor Jordan Peterson, blows Bill Maher’s surface-level “liberal-logic” out of the water with deeper “biblical-wisdom”. Jordan highlights Bill’s incoherence and illogic forcing him to see it using Jonah and Whale. It’s a masterclass performance by JP.

What’s clinically insane to anchored brains is that Bill thinks (or more likely feels) the Bible literally, so fails to understand its hidden pearly wisdoms re life, human nature which JP has to help him with.

Conservatives also have to be careful detaching from reality too. You have two hemispheres of the brain, use them both where possible. Don’t get locked using one hemisphere, then get trapped in your own mind. This could be a recipe for mental disaster.

Apply both hemispheres then deploy either the “alien” (no not real UFOs) or the “autist” methodology for neocortex thinking (not limbic feeling) by jumping out of your skull and seeing things from different perspectives rather than perception. Don’t get trapped in your own skull on one hemisphere etc.

Free your noggin

Jordan Peterson Leaves Bill Maher SPEECHLESS on the Bible!!!

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