Atheists allowed the trans cult to begin. Christianity can now end it.

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The Telegraph’s Tim Stanley argues “New Atheists allowed the Trans cult to begin. Christianity can now end it.”

“By discrediting religion, Richard Dawkins (“O’Enlightened One”) and his (fanatical liberal) acolytes created a void that a new, dangerous ideology filled.”

On reading this desperate cry, I want to make it quite clear that from my deeper study into the rise and fall of civilizations, this statement is wishful thinking. Christianity cannot end it at all. If we go back in civilizational cyclical time, we find that Christianity couldn’t even slow, let alone stop the spectacular fall of Western Rome. By now, many of you should understand this.

The modern West stands at 11:59. It’s full of CINOs (Christians in Name Only) wooly and sheepish by nature. The Telegraph is a liberal organization that often peddles economic arguments. If you read between the lines, what they’re really saying is…

“We can save Rome 2, we can short-circuit the Dark Ages.”

It’s unlikely. Perhaps it might be possible to shorten its length, but you cannot short-circuit cyclical fate.

What will happen is that the collapse of modern civilization brought about by ‘men pretending to be women and women pretending to be men’ etc., will create such a ‘harsh winter’ (weak men create hard times etc.), we’ll likely see the return of Orthodox Christianity in response.

I’m looking downrange, and as I’ve hinted at in prior posts, “Within Thy Gates, O Jerusalem” The Pilgrim Movement begins…

In what was to become sub-Romano Britain (they began retreating starting ~383AD ending in 410AD) after having ruled for ~350+ years, pilgrims from Britain first set out on the long journey to Jerusalem between twilight of the Roman Empire and pre-dawn hours of the Middle Ages. It began in earnest in the fourth century after Emperor Constantine declared Christianity the official, or at least favored, religion of a collapsing pagan Empire. His mother, Helena, having converted, took a trip to Jerusalem in 326AD and after excavations, she discovered the True Cross, Holy Sepulcher.

It was Helena and her Son, that triggered something deeper in the Christian world which then led to a wave of pilgrims. St. Jerome writing from Bethlehem in 386AD remarks, “The Briton no sooner makes progress in religion than he quits his Western sun to go in search of a place of which he knows only through Scripture and common report.”

They were inspired by a sense of kinship with the “spiritual vanguard” of the Holy Land, Helena and Constantine. According to legend, Helena was of British birth, the daughter of a Welsh king. Constantine’s father, was killed in York (near me). Within two generations, the pilgrimage to Jerusalem had become established custom.

Later, whilst Jerusalem was gradually yielding to Holy Rome, it still remained the spiritual home.

The Mother of us all.”

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