Arizona man said he was ‘trapped’ in hot Tesla!

Here’s another, secret advantage of electric cars: if the battery dies while you’re in the car, the car can become your coffin.

That’s because, without battery power, you can’t get out. Nothing works, including the doors.

With the cost of funerals these days, being buried in your Tesla may be not only economical, but stylish.

See the tragic story below from Arizona 15 News:

Arizona driver says he was ‘trapped’ in hot Tesla after battery died

PHOENIX — A Peoria man says he was trapped in his Tesla in the extreme heat after the power died and he didn’t know how to escape.

The ABC15 Investigators found dozens of drivers have filed complaints with federal auto safety regulators who are urging car owners to learn how to manually get out in an emergency.

“It’s definitely a safety concern; it was one of the hotter days,” said 73-year-old Rick Meggison.

He said he was stuck in his Tesla Model Y in his garage back in June.

“I couldn’t open the doors. I couldn’t lower the windows. The computer was dead, so I couldn’t open the glove box. I couldn’t open anything.” Meggison said his main lithium-ion battery, what’s needed to propel his electric car, had plenty of range.

He later learned a separate 12-volt battery in his Tesla Model Y died after he opened the door, and he said he was trapped inside on a 100º day for 20 minutes. The low-voltage battery powers what’s inside a Tesla including the doors, computer display, and windows.

“Being caught in there for a couple hours could be dangerous,” he said.

Meggison said he eventually called his sister who somehow got the passenger door to open through the Tesla app, but it cracked his window. He said he had to call a tow truck to take his Tesla to the company’s service center. His invoice reads “car won’t power on… remove and replace 12v battery.”

“I think that Tesla needs to address this,” Meggison said.

“It’s essentially a computer on wheels that’s run on a battery,” said car safety expert Norma Hubele.

Hubele is the founder of, a data-based website that ranks how cars perform in crashes. She’s also been an expert witness in over 120 consumer-related cases with the majority involving automotive safety.

“If that battery is not reliable or if for some reason the consumer isn’t aware of how to override a problem with the battery, then you can have real safety problems,” she said.

When the electric system fails, there is a way to get out of an electric car, which is clearly outlined in Tesla’s manual, but experts believe many drivers, like Meggison, are unaware.

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