Surgeon Admits To Performing Irreversible Sex Surgeries On Pre-Pubescent Children

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A pro-transgender university surgeon says he is performing irreversible sex surgeries on pre-pubescent children who have had no experiences of sexual feelings and little ability to consent or accomplish the required post-surgical procedures.

“It’s a very complicated issue,” Dr. Blair Peters, a Canadian-trainedqueer surgeon at Oregon Health & Science University, told a friendly interviewer. “But I think definitely something that we’re going to learn a lot more about in the next five to 10 years as we’re doing just increasing numbers of these cases,” Blair said in the now-archived video.

Getting consent and cooperation from the pre-sexual children is also a problem, Blair acknowledged:

It’s challenging because there’s this question of ‘How does that factor into consent?’ when you’re consenting someone for pubertal suppression, and there likely is some effect on downstage genital surgery, but you don’t know if an individual is going to desire genital surgery in the future or not.

And then it’s also hard to have a conversation with someone that maybe hasn’t went through puberty or ever engaged in sexual activity. It’s a really tricky thing … more often than not, there’s been almost no genital engagement in terms of self-stimulation or masturbation. So then trying to assess things like erogenous outcomes after a surgery when someone’s never had an erogenous experience is incredibly difficult because they don’t really have a baseline to compare it to.


The issue is especially complicated for young boys because they are expected to continually use a painful wand to keep their male body from closing up their just-created “vaginal” canal, Peters noted:

And then, you know, post-operative care, anyone knows that viewing the post-op or vaginal classification is really intense and we’re kind of asking someone that is younger and hasn’t really participated or engaged much with their genitalia, to all of a sudden do this like really aggressive relaxation for dilation, and it’s just a huge request. So we’re finding that to be an obstacle, almost more so than [surgery].

Many of these medical problems are mentioned in accounts by young people who go through the surgeries, such as “Jazz” Jennings.

The surgeons know little about the long-term outcomes of the experimental surgery on children, according to Blair, who describes himself as a “queer” surgeon:

You know, we’ve maybe done a couple, a handful, of pubertily suppressed adolescents as a field and no one’s published on it yet. OHSU is, we’re just putting our first series [of studies] together as we’re kind of learning and figuring out what works.

The frank admissions are a problem for the transgender industry and the insurance firms that cover lawsuits but also for President Joe Biden and the many Democrats in D.C. who are trying to shift progressives’ attention from policy failures on poverty, economics, and war, toward the emotional concept of needy “trans kids.”

“The reason they’re playing up the trans issue is to basically signal to their base, that [Biden] is the boldest candidate they’re gonna get, and they don’t want to lose voters to the Green Party,” said Terry Schilling, the president of American Principles Project:

The 2020 election was actually very close the terms of the Electoral College — it’s like 43,000 votes and you shift votes he loses. A Green Party candidate on the ballot in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, in North Carolina, and will basically guarantee he loses if he doesn’t solidify the base.

The GOP has a chance to win more suburban moms by showcasing testimonies about the horrifying damage done to kids, Schilling told Breitbart News:

Suburban women, they’re with us on banning surgeries for minors, but they don’t believe it’s happening. They’re like, “Oh, yeah, but this isn’t really happening that much.” So the next Republican nominee, he’s got to talk a lot about this and bring out the transitioners. Like you almost want a “Detransitioners for Trump” coalition in order to get this out there.

Peters’ admissions drew much criticism online.

“This interview is mind-boggling,” said a tweet by 4thWaveNow, a group that opposes the transsexual ideology’s demand that Americans must submit to the cross-sex claims by men. The statement continued:

Gender surgeon Blair Peters admits how much he doesn’t know about outcomes (e.g. sexual function) for puberty-blocked males he operates on; we’ll “know more” in 5 to 10 years after more teens undergo genital surgeries.

“For an entire year, the mainstream media said that “gender-affirming” doctors were not performing genital surgeries on children,” tweeted Christopher Rufo. “This was always a lie—and now they’re admitting it in the open …  There’s no other way to say it: they’re castrating kids in the name of ‘gender-affirming care.’”

“In any sane society this video would be used as evidence in Blair Peters’s trial for crimes against humanity,” tweeted lawyer Dan Minucci.

Polls show the public is increasingly opposed to the transexual agenda, especially the medical sector’s intensive marketing of transgenderism to kids:


There is a growing pushback by professionals and media against the progressive-backed profitable business of sex surgery on children and teenagers.


Numerous GOP politicians — especially Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — have responded by championing the public’s opposition to transgenderism. “There is value in making sure our society is rooted in truth, not in a social fad,” DeSantis said.













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