Escape From California: 40% Of Residents Considering Departure, Generation Z er’s Already Leaving

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If California is so great, how come 40% of the state’s residents are actively considering leaving?

That’s what a recent poll found. And nearly a third of the flight risks said their desire to leave is fueled by the state’s liberal politics, according to a new poll of more than 1,350 people compiled by a consortium of California nonprofits.

“California’s deep political divides were also evident in residents’ outlook on the state’s direction,” the Daily Mail reported. “Among Republicans, a staggering 83 percent said it was on the wrong track, while only around 20 percent of Democrats agreed.”


But mostly, Californians are worried about the economy.

“Satisfaction with the state economy has dropped 12 points since 2020, including 5 points since last year. Residents are largely dissatisfied with the cost of their healthcare, the amount they pay for their home, and the cost of everyday living expenses (18% satisfied, 81% dissatisfied),” the pollsters wrote.

In a disturbing discovery, just 28% of those making $50,000 to $100,000 in their households say they can live comfortably while also saving for retirement. That number has spiralled downward from a poll in 2020, when more than half (54%) said they could do both.

The exodus is already happening. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, more than 500,000 residents have left, according to official census data reported by the Daily Mail.

The exodus is most noticeable in San Francisco, which has gone from a hot commercial market to a ghost town teeming with homeless people shooting up drugs in the streets.

“San Francisco went from probably being the hottest office market in the country to being about the weakest,” Carlisle told the San Francisco Gate last year. “High-tech workers were the ones who were most likely to say, ‘Well if I can work from any place, I’ll move someplace where housing costs 90 percent less.’”

Millennials and Generation Z-ers are among the largest group of residents fleeing the city.

“The number of San Francisco residents ages 25-29 plummeted 21% between April 2020 and June 2022, according to U.S. Census data reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle,” the New York Post reported. “About 94,000 people in that age group lived in the California city in April 2020 before shrinking down to 74,000 in June 2022 — the largest drop amongst age groups.”

The reports come as crime increases in San Francisco. In one chic neighborhood, Noe Valley — known as “stroller alley” for all the mothers walking with babies — 11 phone robberies took place last week, the Daily Caller reported.

Teenagers brandishing baseball bats have been attacking and robbing mothers and nannies while they pick up their young children from school.

But don’t worry. The death of San Francisco won’t affect its most famous resident — Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). She got super rich while serving as speaker of the House — she and her husband are reportedly worth more than $170 million — so she’ll be just fine.
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