A Gender Studies Professor Who Gave Student A Zero For Referring To ‘Biological women’ Is Ordered To Undergo Free Speech Training

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The University of Cincinnati has ordered an adjunct instructor in the department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies to undergo free-speech training after she gave a student a zero for referring to “biological women” in a final project proposal.

What are the details?

The instructor, Melanie Nipper, was formally reprimanded for giving student Olivia Krolczyk zero points on her Women’s Gender Studies in Pop Culture final project proposal, the New York Post said, citing a report from the Cincinnati Enquirer.



Krolczyk in May posted a viral TikTok video saying her instructor wrote, “Olivia, this is a solid proposal. However, the terms ‘biological women’ are exclusionary and are not allowed in this course as they further reinforce heteronormativity.” Krolczyk in the video didn’t disclose the name of her instructor, the name of her school, or her own last name.

Also in the video, she called the zero grade “biased” and noted that her project “is about transgenders competing in biological women’s sports. How am I supposed to do my final project if I can’t use the word ‘biological women,’ but that’s what my project is about?”


In another TikTok clip, she added that she would be taking up the argument with her school’s Office for Equal Opportunity.

What happened next?

Soon the Enquirer got an interview with Nipper, who defended giving Krolczyk a zero.

Nipper told the paper it’s her job to correct students when they use “outdated terminology” but added they only will receive “a zero for an assignment, not a zero for the course.”

But the Post said the Enquirer later obtained the university’s letter formally reprimanding Nipper, which indicated it would be placed in her “permanent records.” In addition to completing training on the school’s free-speech policy, the letter also said Nipper must submit future syllabi for approval, the Post said.

“It is also understood that any other violations of UC policy may be subject to further disciplinary actions up to and including termination,” the letter said. “You are reminded that as an unrepresented, unclassified ‘at will’ employee your employment may be terminated with or without cause.”

Ashley Currier — head of the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at UC — handed down the reprimand, the Post said, citing the Enquirer, adding that Nipper responded June 19 requesting an appeal.

Fox News said Krolczyk has received a new grade on the final project and received an A in the class.

Here’s more from Krolczyk:


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