Pride Month Ushers In Pregnant ‘Man’ On Cover Of Glamour

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The British version of Glamour, a fashion magazine for women, has put a pregnant transgender “man” on its June cover in recognition of Pride month.

Logan Brown is a biological woman who now identifies as a “man.”

As Glamour tells it in its cover story, Brown unexpectedly became pregnant by her partner Bailey J Mills, who is a gender “non-binary” drag performer.


Glamour, which is published by Condé Nast, claims the couple has become a victim of online “transphobia” after a commenter wrote “Men can’t get pregnant” across Brown’s social media accounts.


Logan Brown is a 27-year-old trans man and blogger from the United Kingdom. His blog, “Up the Duff Man,” gathered a large following after he announced his pregnancy online in November 2022.


Brown disclosed that he and his partner Bailey J Mills, a drag performer, surprisingly discovered that Brown was pregnant last year.


As a day job, Brown is employed as a “residential children’s support worker,” which appears to mean she works in a children’s group home.

Brown remembered when she learned she was pregnant.

“One day, I had this really weird feeling; it was early in the morning and Bailey was asleep,” she said.

“I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I’d been off testosterone for a while due to some health issues. It was like my whole world just stopped. That everything, all my manlihood that I’ve worked hard for, for so long, just completely felt like it was erased.”

She eventually came to welcome and embody her pregnancy. For people who say men can’t get pregnant, she responded:

“This thing about ‘men can’t get pregnant’ is that I would not identify as anything else just because I found out I’m pregnant. It’s important for me to stay real with my identity. I am a pregnant man, and I am trans.”

“I am a trans pregnant man, and I do exist. No matter what anyone says, I literally am living proof,” Brown said.

He added later in the interview: “Whoever I say I am is exactly who I am. No one can ever take that away from me.”

In the interview, Brown also detailed his journey of changing genders via the U.K.’s National Health Service, though the timescale was not revealed.

On May 17 Mills and Brown announced on social media that Brown had given birth to their daughter, Nova Mills Brown. Their baby announcement was greeted by thousands of congratulatory messages, many of which came from popular drag queens in the United Kingdom.


baileyjmills99 Hello world, meet Nova Mills Brown ❤️





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