Las Vegas ‘UFO’ Family In Lockdown After Being Accused Of Staging “Elaborate Hoax”

The Las Vegas family who claim to have seen aliens in their backyard, say they are now in lockdown on their property after being threatened by people who think they are engaging in an ‘elaborate hoax.’ 

The family, who have declined to reveal their identity, told NewsNation off-camera that they are ‘anxious and scared’ and now unwilling to leave their home.

The father and two sons, who are sticking by their story, have not discussed the nature of the threats publicly.


They contacted 911 on April 30, saying that there were ’10 foot aliens’ in their backyard and that they had seen an object fall from the sky.

A Vegas police officer also picked up a green object in the sky, which has since been explained as a meteor by the American Meteor Society.

‘There’s like an 8-foot person beside it and another one is inside us [sic] and it has big eyes and it’s looking at us — and it’s still there,’ the son of the family told 911.

‘In my backyard. I swear to God this is not a joke, this is actually — we’re terrified,’ the caller claimed.

‘They’re very large. They’re like 8 foot, 9 feet, 10 foot. They look like aliens to us. Big eyes. They have big eyes. Like, I can’t explain it. And big mouth. They’re shiny eyes and they’re not human. They’re 100 percent not human,’ he said.

The responding officers also expressed their alarm at the unusual situation.

‘I’m so nervous right now,’ one officer can be heard telling his partner on their bodycam footage.

‘I have butterflies, bro — saw a shooting star and now these people say there’s aliens in their backyard.’

‘I don’t believe in it but what I saw right now, I do believe in it,’ one of the reported witnesses said to police.

Robert Lunsford of the American Meteor Society told NewsNation of the light ‘it was a meteor that was larger than normal, probably the size of a basketball up to a beachball, travelling at tremendous speed and when it strikes the atmosphere it starts to vaporize and that friction causes a very bright flash.

‘We’re certain its a meteor because of the duration of the event, most everybody reported it lasted between two and five seconds. 

That is much too fast for it to be a re-entering satellite or a rocket, and the fact that it was seen over such a wide area is a darn good indication that it was a fireball.’ 

However Ryan Burns, podcaster and founder of Space Wolf Research, is among those who believes the family’s account.

He told NewsNation that his own research in nearby Lake Mead indicates an extra-terrestrial landing.

The American Meteor Society says it is almost clear that what green light captures on the police footage was a meteor.

The area of the proposed sighting was searched and the witnesses interviewed but no new information was discovered.

The LVPD has since closed the case.

The incident gathered attention after a former intelligence officer turned whistleblower recently alleged the US has a collection of parts and equipment from ‘non-human origin’ UFOs which have crash landed on earth.

David Charles Grusch said the US and other nations are also embroiled in top-secret operations that try to ‘reverse-engineer’ the pieces to make weapons.

But Grusch also claims that the information has been illegally withheld from Congress as the government tried to hide the finds, which are involved in an ’80-year arms race’ to take advantage of the technology.

He told The Debrief: ‘We are not talking about prosaic origins or identities. The material includes intact and partially intact vehicles.

‘The existence of complex historical programs involving the coordinated retrieval and study of exotic materials, dating back to the early 20th century, should no longer remain a secret.’

Grusch, who served in Afghanistan and worked for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), has handed over information of the supposed operations to Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

He has also filed a complaint against the Department of Defense and claims he’s been excommunicated for his choice to blow the whistle.

The 36-year-old worked on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force from 2019-2021.






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