Biden’s America: D.C. Taxpayers Are Funding Laundry Service For Migrants

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An estimated $15 million has been disbursed by Washington, DC, residents to furnish hotels, meals, laundry, English classes, and security to approximately 1,300 illegal migrants who have been taken in by President Joe Biden and the city’s Democratic government.

The Washington Post reported on May 11 the illegal population and the bills are soaring quickly in the small city of 310,000 households:

A contract with a soul food restaurant to provide three meals a day for the hotel families is budgeted for $3.6 million, while an agreement with SAMU First Response, a D.C. nonprofit, to coordinate mental health counseling and other services in the city is expected to cost $1.7 million, DHS said. Laundry at the hotels, covered by another contract, costs about $1.1 million, while security to keep outsiders out of the areas of the hotels where the migrants stay is budgeted for $4.5 million. The cumulative hotel bill alone is projected to reach $12 million by October, DHS said.

The city’s bills are also climbing because an additional 340 foreign children have been attending the schools. That policy adds approximately $4 million in costs to the failing school system, which serves a local population with many affluent whites and many poor black Americans. Roughly one-sixth of the city’s residents live in scarcity as the city officials permit more poor migrants.

Pro-migration Democratic politicians are feeling political resistance from working-class Americans in New York, New Jersey, and Chicago.

The Washington Post showed local politicians lamenting as Americans are being compelled to pay for the administration’s border gateway:

“I don’t think anybody could tell you where we’re going,” D.C. Council member Robert C. White Jr. (D-At Large) said, noting that the city is facing budget cuts to programs designed to serve its existing poor and homeless population.

The economic migrants are too poor and incompetent to sustain themselves without welfare in the high-cost, high-rent city. The Post described one migrant family from Peru:

[Arianmi] Ramírez said that with help from volunteers from the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network, she and her husband [and one child] have tried finding a place. So far, none of the rents have been within their reach. “I would love to live in a house, but even an apartment with at least two rooms would be better,” said Ramírez, who supplements the income her husband receives from his temporary construction job by selling the Venezuelan snacks she prepares in the room’s tiny kitchenette to other hotel residents.

The husband’s “temporary construction job” would have been awarded to Americans at higher wages if Biden had not received the illegals. The Post did not tabulate the pocketbook burden on D.C. residents.

The Washington Post article also disregards the strain of Biden’s migration on the city’s rising rents.

Meanwhile, in a different article, the Washington Post reported on May 5 that homelessness in D.C. soared by 12 percent over the last year to 4,410 people

The new figures also represent a stark turnaround from recent years, which saw consecutive drops in the District’s homeless population. The DHS maintains that the recent figures reflect national economic pressures such as inflation and the end of pandemic-era programs and protections.

Biden’s deputies are smuggling many more economic migrants into the country via multiple illegal and quasi-legal routes. including the asylum route for people who are repressed b hostile governments.

During the next 12 months, the inflow is scheduled to bring in at least 800,000 poor migrants above the legal cap of one million migrants set by Congress. in 1990.

The total is equal to one migrant for every two births.


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