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As the saying goes, the decisions we make today will be our life tomorrow. For the American citizen wondering why EV technology is being force-fed to them like spinach to a 7-year-old? Is due to the fact that the United States has been put on the back burner to what many manufacturers believe is the future of not only the automobile industry but all economic growth. China, India are leading that pack.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many lives have been spent to keep the oppression of communism and fascism from taking over the world. The enemy has figured out a way to bribe those who should be investing in Western Nations and empowering them so the world can prosper with liberty. These elitists are treading on thin ice, they are underestimating the power and fight in the Liberty-minded American.

One only has to look north to the Canadian people and see the growing pushback of their current government’s ideology. And let’s not forget about BRICS. BRICS is the precursor to the eventual and looking to be inevitable clash of the East and West war. The US MUST not fall prey to the WOKE energy policy wave that is crashing on the shores across the world, destroying everything in its path. Germany for example, shutting down its nuclear power plants is a grave mistake that will make the coming war even harder to win.  Not talking about this does not mean it’s not going to happen, we must not be afraid to see the forest for the trees.

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