AI, the Elitist and the XBOX controller

The danger of artificial intelligence.  And the possibility of a human being having even 1% of the knowledge of the people in the world is doubtful. Artificial intelligence is taking all the knowledge, wisdom, experiences that can be captured in bits and bites and feeding it into the fastest processors traveling at the speed of light.
The weaponization of this type of technology really can’t be fathomed except in the greatest sci-fi adventure movies that too many people don’t want to believe can really exist in the future.
And, it is the elitist that are pushing AI to existence as fast as possible in the belief they will always be able to control its power. And in some cases evil doer’s want to be the only one who controls its power and when they do, they will control the world.
Artificial intelligence controlling weapon systems like drone weaponry that is currently being operated on average by a 20 something human being and an Xbox style controller. For example, when the United States Navy’s submarine, the USS Colorado, went into service. In the Pentagon’s announcement, Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer called the vessel “a true marvel of technology and innovation”. But part of the 115m-long Virginia-Class submarine is operated with a 12-year-old Xbox 360 controller. And once 6G is implemented things really start to accelerate. 6G is roughly 100 times faster than 5G and will be capable to control weapon systems beyond many humans belief. Once this happens the young human can go back to playing Battlefield 2042.
The world is truly in its infancy stage when it comes to artificial intelligence and all we have to do is look at Google as one example as the smartest object in the room everywhere.. Google has already replaced the parent, the doctor, the history teacher, the encyclopedia, the dictionary, and the list goes on and on. How many times when a child asks a question the parent says, just….Google it!
Craig Bushon

Craig Bushon

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